A Healthier Weight Is Possible

Your weight is more than a number on a scale.

Your body is more than a jean size. When life’s path leads to an overweight body, it can lead to poor sleep, low self-esteem, and stress. Most importantly, excess weight can cause metabolic health problems and chronic disease.

Whatever your reason for wanting to feel better in your body, the answer to a healthy weight isn’t simply another fad diet, more sugar-free foods, or social media weight loss tips. You need comprehensive change that complements every aspect of your lifestyle.

Take charge of your health with a physician who has treated patients suffering from obesity for years. In Not Another Keto Book, obesity medicine physician Linda Anegawa, MD, pairs her practical Adapt and Adjust approach to complete metabolic health with the
flexibility of low-carb eating for an effective, powerful wellness journey unique to you and your goals.

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You’ll Discover

A path

to uncover the heart behind your reason to look and feel better—because your
why leads your journey.

A delicious

and sustainable low-carb—but not necessarily ketogenic —meal plan of
protein, greens, and fats to lose pounds and eat well.

Adapt and Adjust

 a fluid approach to help you break free from the rigid diet–mentality so you can maintain lifelong healthy habits.

Tools to transform

weight loss speedbumps into kindness and self-exploration, not self-
criticism and shame.

How to

holistically incorporate sleep, mindfulness, and movement to complement healthy eating.

Don’t let another one-plan-fits-all approach derail your lasting health. Embrace a metabolic wellness journey designed for your individual needs and abilities. Get Not Another Keto Book now to feel your absolute best, all life-long.